The Semper Porro Chronicles

The Semper Porro Chronicles began with a simple idea – what if you could document the journey of an elite athlete from the beginning of their development to the top of the sport?  From that idea, the SPC was born.  The series follows ProPath Athletes Innokenty Zavyalov and Justin Poulson as they make their way forward.

The Semper Porro Process

On the face of things, success seems fairly straightforward – work hard, work smart, and you’ll be successful.  But, what does it mean to work smart, and how much work does it take to say you’ve worked hard?  The Semper Porro Process delves into the why behind success, explaining the process behind progress.




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Justin Poulson did us proud tonight at the Tour Of America's Dairyland and launched a perfectly timed sprint to take home the win.  JP has been executing really well so far at TOAD, racing smart, making mistakes, learning from them, biding his time, staying safe, taking care of what he needs to, and then playing his cards when he saw an opportunity.  We are all really proud of him and happy to see him continue to progress.  Thank you @tourofamericasdairyland for putting on such an amazing event.  Now @jponabike, remember to eat, get some rest, and stay on it!  Lots more racing to come.

Justin Poulson did us proud tonight at the Tour Of...

San Luis Rey RR analysis and year over year comparison.

San Luis Rey RR analysis and year over year compar...

Long-term development - why it's important, what to expect, and how it's different from other types of training/development.

Long-term development - why it's important&co...

Thoughts from the road.

Thoughts from the road. #semper...

Jordan Itaya here - I'm going to be completely honest for a moment.  We've been pushing really hard for awhile now.  Probably harder than we should.  The truth is it takes a toll; both on me - I've made huge personal sacrifices to get where I am and do what I do - and on Cory - who pushes himself harder than I sometime think is possible. I know a lot of people think I'm crazy, or that I'm a narcissistic maniac.  But the truth is, I'm just really, really passionate. Sometimes I have to remember to temper that passion, though.  Slow down.  Let things happen at the appropriate pace.  I swear I thought I broke Inno last year, and it means absolutely everything to me to see him circle back around and racing with the new Semper Porro Team.   When all is said and done, all I want is the best for everyone.  And, every day I'm grateful that I get to help people move forward.  So, for now I'm going to encourage Cory to slow down a little.  I'm going to try and find the right balance point to keep moving forward.  When I think about the year ahead, I have no doubt there will be some high highs and some low lows.  But, I feel sure that as long as we keep moving forward we will achieve some amazing things.  Thanks for sharing this journey with us.  

Jordan Itaya here - I'm going to be completel...

Presenting our 2019 roster.  Raul Arias, Joey Bacala, Cory Lockwood, Justin Poulson, Rex Roberts, and Innokenty Zavyalov.  Can't wait for racing season!

Presenting our 2019 roster. Raul Arias&com...

Sunsets are a time to pause and reflect.  Enjoy the color. Enjoy the moment. 

#sunsettimelapse #sunset #timelapse #outsideisfree #semperporro

Sunsets are a time to pause and reflect. E...

Lactate testing is a useful tool to confirm training levels.  In Rex's case, he was pretty much right where we expected him to be. 

#lactatetesting #testing #training #semperporrobuilt #semperporro #alwaysforward #bloodtest #fitness @rxnfx

Lactate testing is a useful tool to confirm traini...

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