At Semper Porro, we choose our partners very, very carefully.  Every product we use and every equipment choice we make directly relates back to three basic values.  Does it perform, is it reliable, and what is its impact?  Performance is at the forefront of how we operate. Simply put, if it’s not the best we won’t use it. We are pushing the limits of human performance and our tools should reflect that. Reliability is paramount to success.  After all, what good is a piece of equipment if you can’t count on it?  So, when we choose products, we want to know that they can perform – and allow us to perform – day in and day out.  And finally, we are conscious of the Impact the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the equipment we use have, both on us and the world in general.  


With fabrics. Cuttings. Seams. Getting rid of seams. It’s no joke that we update everything constantly to try and improve the performance, fit, and finish of our products. This is because we’re athletes who love sport and want to help every athlete meet their goal. Talk to Vie13 founder, Gary Ryan, about what it means to find the perfect fit and you’ll learn as much as your brain can handle. It’s not hype, jargon, or salesmanship. We believe in every seam, stitch, and cut. We think you will too.


FORZE (“force”) represents synergy. It is a combination of the letters F and Z and forms a circle to symbolize the force everywhere.

When FORZE began we were not only interested in bright colors and innovative designs, we also wanted to incorporate high-performance features into all of our products. Our goal from day one has been to offer high-quality products that help athletes improve their performance by assuring the right compression and comfort. This strong combination of style and performance is what sets FORZE apart from the rest. The best part for our customers is our prices allow everyone to try and benefit from our products. Over the last months FORZE has been seen on athletes all over the country that range from weekend warriors to podium placing pro athletes testing our products and helping us design the best products on the market. We invite all athletes to FEEL THE FORZE!

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