Let’s say you want to improve athletically.  Maybe you’re just getting started or maybe you’ve been training and racing for awhile now.  Either way, you decide it’s time to get some help with the structure and direction of your training.  It can be a little overwhelming at times knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and everything in between.  But, where to start?  Finding a coach – much less a good one – can be as overwhelming as figuring out how to train properly.  So, let’s start with a few basic questions to help you figure things out.  For starters, what are your goals?  Be reasonable and realistic with what you want to achieve.  Performance in sport is much like life – you get out what you put in.  Now, let’s look at your timeline.  When are your main goals?  Are they in a few weeks, a few years?  Bear in mind, a coach is not a magic bullet.  Even the best coaches possess no secret formulas or magic training plans that will catapult you to success in a short time.  At Semper Porro we emphasize long term development, and we work with athletes to systematically overhaul their day-to-day process and work through their limiters.  Finally, what style of coach are you looking for?  Do you want someone who will simply encourage you and gently nudge you in the right direction or do you want someone who will speak the truth to you and help you identify what needs work?  When you have a sense of where it is you want to go, you’ll have a better sense of what to look for in a coach.  Once you have that sorted out, drop us a line (by email, Facebook message, or Instagram message) and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have on how to move forward.

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Onward And Upward Program

$229 a month

The Onward And Upward Program is focused on the fundamental aspects of success.  Training is built on a slow and steady model of progress through muscular and aerobic development.  Communication centers around the “why” behind training with a focus on developing the athlete’s Execution and Grit.

  • 1 Bike Fit with 2 follow up sessions – Road, Mountain, Cross, or Track (Time Trial fits are separate) 
  • Weekly Training Plans – Semi-custom Training Plan
  • Training Peaks Basic Account
  • Messaging contact through Email, FB Messenger
  • Semper Porro Training Group access – A community of like minded individuals dedicated to the process of moving forward
  • Insider information on training and insights through Email and the Semper Porro Training Group

Immersion Program


or $999 down and $249 a month for 12 months


Traditional coaching centers around a training plan – you hire a coach, and they tell you what workouts you need to do.  The problem with this approach is that it leaves a lot of gaps in the process.  The reality is, the specific workouts you do are only one part of the process necessary for improvement.

For those looking to raise their athletic performance (and their process as a whole) to an elite level, The Semper Porro Immersion Plan offers a one-on-one week of intensive work with Coach Jordan Itaya.  Followed up with a year of support, the Semper Porro Immersion Plan takes a holistic approach to training, giving the athlete a complete picture about all the components necessary for success.


  • Bike Fit and follow up sessions for an unlimited number of bikes – Road, Mountain, Track, Cyclocross, and Time Trial
  • 3 Day Immersion Camp with Coach Jordan Itaya – Classroom and On-The-Bike work
  • 2-3 hour Classroom Sessions each day followed by a 2-3 hour bike ride
  • 1 Year Training Peaks Premium Access
  • Weekly Training Plans – Full-custom training plan written weekly
  • Messaging contact through Email, FB Messenger, or Voxer
  • Two 30 minute phone or video calls per month
  • Semper Porro Training Group access – A community of like minded individuals dedicated to the process of moving forward
  • Insider information to training and insights through Email and the Semper Porro Training Group

To Experience the Semper Porro Process:


Bicycle Fit

In Person or Virtual (Skype, Facebook Video) – $199

  • 1-2 Hour initial Bike Fit
  • Two 15-30 minute follow up sessions

For those who are serious about improving, whether from a performance perspective or to ride efficiently and pain-free, a proper bike fit is the first priority.  You will see more improvement in performance from a good bike fit and better nutrition than from any training plan – even from the most qualified coach out there.  Why is that, you ask?  Because, how you sit on a bike has a direct effect on the leverage and efficiency of your muscles.  The key is to utilize all the muscle groups in the legs and maximize their output.  It’s a fairly simple equation – the more muscle you can engage, the more power you can produce.  

A good bike fit puts less strain on joints and muscles, preventing injury and helping to ease existing problems.   In addition to the process of adjusting your position on a bike, we explain the “why” behind the setup and how it affects power, aerodynamics, and biomechanical efficiency.  During the session, we will discuss how to pedal properly and address any underlying issues you may be dealing with (knee pain, back pain, etc.).  

Each bike fit includes two follow up sessions in the following months to make adjustments as your body adapts to the new position.  A good bike fit is not a static position, but a dynamic process that evolves as your body adapts.

Time Trial Bike Fit and Aerodynamic Optimization - $499

  • Initial 2-3 Hour Bike Fit
  • Follow up 2-3 Hour Bike Fit
  • 2 Follow up 15 minute fit adjustments
  • TT Equipment recommendations
  • Power Meter analysis to calculate CdA (Aerodynamic drag)



  • 1 Hour call or in person



Semper Porro Training Access - $39/MO

-Training Peaks Premium

-Semper Porro Training Group Access

-This gives you continued access to Training Peaks Premium and also access to the Semper Porro Training Group.  More importantly, your continuing membership with Semper Porro helps support the ProPath Program.


For athletes who are committed to pursuing the sport to the highest level.  

Eligibility and Requirements:

-Must be a current or former Semper Porro Athlete – ProPath Athletes will be recruited from the pool of Semper Porro Client Athletes

-Must be age 18-19 or a current or former professional.  

-ProPath Athletes sign a lifetime contract with Semper Porro 

-Required to move to North San Diego County

“I appreciate Jordan’s pragmatic approach.  He recognizes that training is a puzzle in that focusing on the pieces loses the picture and conversely leaving out pieces creates an incomplete picture that lacks detail.  This translates into a process that creates real world, tangible results.”

Matt Axford

Make today the day you move forward. Contact Semper Porro now.

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