Hi, my name is Justin Poulson. I started riding fixie bikes when I was 13 and a couple years later took up road racing. I find joy every time I’m on the bike, even on the miserable days.

Becoming a professional cyclist has long been a dream of mine.  But, until I joined Semper Porro, there was little possibility of it becoming a reality. I have never been very good in school, to the point of failing all of my classes from grade 6 to dropping out in 11th grade. Cycling is the one shot I have at being able to support myself while doing what I love. Now that I have a clear path in front of me, I believe I can get to the top of the sport.

Racing Achievements:

  • 1st 2018 Fixed Gear San Rafael Criterium
  • 1st 2018 P1/2 Red Kite Criterium 
  • 1st 2018 P1/2 Memorial Day Stage Race Criterium (Stage 4)
  • 1st 2018 Cat 2 San Dimas Stage Race Points Competition Overall
  • 1st 2018 Cat 2 San Dimas Stage Race Criterium (Stage 3) 
  • 1st 2018 Cat 2 Chico Stage Race Criterium (Stage 4)
  • 1st 2017 Cat 2 San Dimas Stage Race Criterium (Stage 3)
  • 1st 2016 Cat 3 TriValley Classic
  • 1st 2016 Junior San Bruno Hillclimb
Justin Poulson

Justin Poulson

Semper Porro ProPath Cyclist

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