Hello, my name is Innokenty Zavyalov.  

I believe that anything we do in life is motivated by some innate fear or hunger. For me it’s fear of having a dull life, fear of having regrets. It’s a hunger for glory, for success, and hunger to prove to myself I can commit to something.

The complexity of cycling and training fascinates me. I love to learn about the science behind performance, body composition, aerodynamics, nutrition, psychology. Cycling is incredibly dynamic, it’s like being a scientist, a marathoner, a chess player, a traveling salesman and more, all in one. At times it might burn people out with its brutality, but there is no way you can get bored!  


  • 1st California State ITT
  • 1st Valley Of The Sun Pro/1 Road Race
  • 1st Valley Of The Sun Pro/1 Overall
  • 1st Bicycle Blues ITT
  • 1st Bicycle Blues Omnium Overall
  • 1st Keirin State Championship TRACK
  • 1st Canton Cycling Classic Crit
  • 1st Canton Cycling Classic RR
  • 1st Canton Cycling Classic Overall
  • 1st Waukesha Carl Zach Cycling Classic TOAD Omnium (Cat. 2)
  • 1st Minnesota State Points Race TRACK
  • 1st Minnesota State Madison Race TRACK
  • 1st Bicycle Blues Omnium Crit
  • 1st Bicycle Blues Omnium Overall
  • 1st Farm Dog #6 ITT
  • 1st California State TTT
  • 1st East Tosa Gran Prix TOAD Omnium (Cat. 2)
  • 1st TOAD Omnium Overall (Cat. 2)


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Innokenty Zavyalov

Innokenty Zavyalov

Semper Porro ProPath Cyclist

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